11 November 2016 | Flaming Star, Tadpoles & Spider

Flaming Star, Tadpoles & Spider

Credit: Team Cielboreal | Click image to enlarge or here for full size (7MB)

Image Data

  • Location: Vagney, France
  • Camera: Moravian G4-16000
  • Optics: Officina Stellare Veloce RH200
  • Mount: Paramount MYT
  • Exposure: 77 x 1200 NII 3nm 1×1, 52 x 1200 OIII 5nm 1×1, 50 x 1200 SII 5nm 1×1. Total:59h40m.

The constellation of Auriga contains some beautiful expanses of emission nebulae. This widefield image shows several of these nebulae.

The Tadpoles (IC 410 aka Sh2-236) is the region towards the middle top of the image. Contained within IC 410 is the newly formed star cluster NGC 1893 along with the Tadpoles – an artifact generated from the stellar winds coming off the cluster.

Towards the right of the image is the Spider (IC 417 aka Sh2-234). Directly below the Spider are two more open clusters – NGC 1907 and the much larger and richer M38. (NGC 1912).

The Flaming Star nebula (IC 405/Sh2-229 –  left in this image) is illuminated by the bright star at its center, AE Aurigae.

In this image, north is down.


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