22 December 2016 | Petavius & Humboldt

Humboldt & Petavius

Image credit & copyright: Damian Peach | Click image to enlarge


Damian Peach has taken this excellent image of Petavius and Humboldt craters, on a 4.8 day old crescent Moon.

Petavius is 157 kilometers in diameter and lies near the Lunar edge. While crater Humboldt at 207 kilometers is so close to the Lunar limb that it only comes into view due to the Moons apparent oscillation during its cycle. This oscillation is known as Libration, and while the Moon is tidally locked to Earth, showing only one side of the Moon, Libration means up to 59% of the Moons surface can be seen in a Lunar Month.

In this image, both craters show peaks that peer through their lave floors at heights up to 1700 meters, while the channels are signs of cracking of the lava floor, and possible lifting of the crater base.

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