4 October 2016 | Galactic Centre

Centre of the Galaxy

Credit: Tom O’Donoghue | Click image to enlarge


Astro-photographer and ESA Science Ambassador Tom O’Donoghue grew up in Ireland but moved to the desert in the southeast of Spain, north of Almeria, because of the many clear nights the weather gives him there.

This is one of Tom’s recent images for which he aimed his gear at the very centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, home of our solar system, giving us a spectacular view of the summer night skies from the Northern Hemisphere.

Parts of the constellations Sagittarius, Scutum, Serpens and Ophiuchus can be seen as well as many of the well-known bright Messier Nebulae, such as the Lagoon, Trifid, Eagle and Swan nebula. The image also shows various Open and Globular clusters, while the more difficult to find Planetary Nebulae and even bright Red Carbon stars lurk in the background.

This image consists of 36 panes, was taken over four years and totals 110 hours, 57 of which were taken in 2015 using a triple telescope system.

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