6 December 2016 | Baby Eagle

Baby Eagle

Image credit: Kees Scherer | Click image to enlarge

Image Data

  • Location: Castelo Novo, Santarem, Portugal
  • Date: November 2016
  • Camera: Canon 6Da
  • Optics: Esprit 100 f5.5 APO
  • Filter: Optolong L filter
  • Exposure: 20 x 120s ISO400, 78 x 300s and 44 x 240s ISO1600

The Baby Eagle Nebula, also known as the Vulture Head Nebula or LBN 777 is a very faint reflection nebula about 5 degrees northeast of the Pleiades. Surrounded by a dusty molecular cloud, LBN 777 also envelopes the dark nebula, Bernard 207. In this image, B207 can be seen as a brown patch to the top-right of the Eagle’s eye.

LBN 777 is a portion of the large cloud of dust and gas known as the Taurus Molecular Cloud. The brownish color is caused by large dust grains embedded in the gas. The dust reflects the light of the stars inside and near the nebula

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