The answers to the frequently asked questions can be found on this page. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

What kind of images does EAPOD publish?

Our goal is to show the beauty of the universe to a wide audience and spark interest in astronomy & astrophotography. Therefore we aim to publish a various selection of earth, lunar, solar, planetary, deep sky and other astronomy-related images made by European citizens or institutes.

How are images selected for publication on EAPOD?

EAPOD is run by a team of editors, consisting of European (semi-)professional astrophotographers and astronomers who are constantly on the lookout for awesome images to be published on EAPOD. Every editor can nominate an image, which is then subject to team-vote. If a majority of the editors vote in favor of the image, it will be scheduled for publication.

Can I submit my picture?

We receive quite a lot of amazing pictures every day and unfortunately we cannot publish all of them. However, if you believe your image would make a great EAPOD, you are invited to send a link to your image for review. Please make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Image must have been made by a European citizen or a European institution (see all allowed countries here).
  • In case of an international co-operation, European contribution has had to be significant and clear.
  • Image data must have been collected through the use of one’s own or borrowed (personal or institutional) local or remote equipment.
  • Image location is unrestricted and not limited to Europe.
  • Copyright of the image must be yours (or your group’s).
  • You agree to publication on eapod.eu and all it’s social media.


Will I receive a confirmation of my entry and will I be notified if and when my image gets selected for EAPOD?

Unfortunately we are unable to answer every email we receive. Of course we do our best to answer as many as possible and at least inform every photographer prior to publication.

 Do I need to be a (semi-)professional astrophotographer or do I need high-end equipment to be published?

No. Showing the beauty of the universe can also be done using images made with ‘entry’-level equipment and/or by beginning astrophotographers. We judge the charisma and quality of each image, not the equipment or the photographer.

How can I be the  Featured Backyard Astronomer?

To have your article published in the Featured Backyard Astronomer section, please send us your story (in English, about 1500-2000 words) and pictures for review. The same requirements for EAPOD entry apply.

I would like to help, sponsor or support EAPOD

Thank you, we appreciate it. Please contact us.