Submit your Picture

Entry is limited to citizens and institutions of Europe. Please make sure your picture meets the following requirements:

  • Image must have been made by a European citizen or a European institution (see all allowed countries here).
  • In case of an international co-operation, European contribution has had to be significant and clear.
  • Image data must have been collected through the use of one’s own or borrowed (personal or institutional) local or remote equipment.
  • Image location is unrestricted and not limited to Europe.
  • Copyright of the image must be yours (or your group’s).
  • You agree to publication on and all it’s social media.

To have your picture reviewed for EAPOD please contact us or mail us ([email protected]) a link to the picture together with the data (location taken, date taken, optics, camera, mount, exposure(s), etc).

Alternatively you can add your picture to the Flickr EAPOD  group from where the editorial team will consider images for publication. Please make sure the requested information is available in the Flickr post. You can find the group here.

By submitting your picture through either channel, you approve of perpetual publication of your picture on and all of its social media. You will be credited as the author and copyright holder of your work. Please be aware that EAPOD uses third-party advertisement to cover its costs. If you do not wish your picture to be associated with advertisement please refrain from submitting.